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We organise Google Ads for your brand to obtain paid traffic and conversions

Display online advertising

with Google Ads

Still thinking about how to display your business and have better placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? Portusx understands your needs and creates the best bidding strategies of Google Ads to drive the best results and maximum conversions for your business. We put in a range of various adverts of your brand’s products and services to keep your marketing campaigns original by targeting buyers at distinct stages of your sales funnels using multiple ad formats.

Why does Portusx

want your business to be promoted on Google?

Portusx takes your ad to appear on the top of the search results with the purpose of matching users’ preferences with the ads they are looking for. Almost all online businesses use Google Ads to sell their goods and services, we stay ahead of others and showcase your ads on search engine result pages with PPC (Pay Per Click) and build awareness of your brand. With the right use of Google Ads strategy, we deliver your brand to the relevant customers to build awareness and make sales.

Boost brand recognition by availing our paid Google Ad campaign services

Once you select a type of ad campaign, we set an ad-spend cap that Google will adhere to, in addition, to selecting target audiences nationally or internationally. While your ad campaign is operating actively, you will receive measurable outcomes, such as website clicks, quality score, conversion rates, etc. From search engine marketing to shopping advertisements, we develop effective strategies for your company to reach customers.

We put in our best practices in making your ad campaigns successful to create the following:

  • Increasing calls to business
  • Directing more visitors to your website
  • Increasing sales and inquiries

What actions are implemented by Portusx to run your ads on Google?

Rapid Outcomes: Portusx’s top priority is to make your ad live on Google as soon as possible. We follow Google policies completely to launch a live campaign quite soon. You will assess how your brand’s ads are functioning in a short period of time and we make the required modifications and optimization measures if possible.

Competence Towards Competitors: One of the most significant advantages of Google Ads is its capability to level the competition. Whereas bigger firms with more expenditures may reach more broadly with Google Ads, a small business can benefit from highly specialised niches. Our internet marketing team develops the best ad performances in growing the success and profit of your business.

Local Marketing: All companies that rely on locally based traffic can easily generate sales benefits from Google local advertising. This is the reason that Portusx uses Google Ads to promote your company locally to bring visitors with paid strategy during the most profitable periods and increase brand recognition. A local search generates great purchase intent since shoppers want to satisfy their needs around them quickly with the least effort.

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