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From Social Media

Want to see your business’s products and services on all leading social media platforms? Portusx can create engaging content for your brand and share it to the internet community and this is not enough; we develop advanced and effective social media marketing strategies that build interaction of visitors and buyers with your brand. Our storytelling techniques attract and retain consumers attention and motivates them to stay connected, like, comment and share the content of your brand.

How Portusx work to create successful social media marketing campaign for your brand

By analysing your company's objectives and social media outreach

Here at Portusx, our qualified marketing team deeply analyses which market your brand should be advertised and d determine your social media marketing objectives. We set your business targets which widely assist you to control your social strategy and stay on track.

By conducting audience research

To show your brand’s content on social media we interact with your audience, because it is very crucial to acknowledge their style, and requirements. By conducting extensive research on your desired customers we bring regular and engaging visitors to transform them into the buyers.

By creating original and persuasive content for social media networks

We keenly understand how to evaluate and select platforms for distributing content of your brand. We are well aware of all cultures of social platforms and their users’ interaction with the brands. Our pro marketers consider your business type and inspect when and where your targeted audience spends time online. We advertise your brand’s content by leveraging your audience research, and educate them with the social media content of your brand.

Our strong evaluation about which social media platforms are best fit for your brand

plan of action

How We Evaluate?

Every single social media network has its own demographic and all of them broadly cover the majority of its visitors. So in some cases, it is not compulsory to develop a presence through social media on every possible platform unless you’re targeting everyone. Social media channels where we mainly promote your brand:

Facebook & Instagram

LinkedIn & YouTube

Snapchat & Twitter

How Portusx keep your brand up and forward from your rivals?

We smartly examine the strategies of social media marketing applied by your rivals, the way they connect with customers and offer or sell their products and services. This strategy makes your brand distinct from your competitors and generates maximum profit. Portusx follow all social media stats, such as impressions, video views, mentions, total reach, number of followers and profile visits, shares, tags, and reposts. These analytics assist to create new campaigns for your brand on social media. We use advanced and paid tools to create descriptions, manage photographs and videos for the posts of your brand. Hashtags are the most important element that we add in all the posts so that targeted customers can find your brand easily at first search.